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Story Susilicious in Miami

As a young girl growing up in Miami I remember spending long summer days at home telling my mom there was nothing to do. Those days led to some creativity in the kitchen.  My sisters and I beat many eggs trying to figure out how to make the perfect merengue.  
As I got older I learned to appreciate the value of a written recipe - finally some direction!  With that and a little inspiration I created my favorites recipes.  Mixing each batch myself I know my recipes are really good.
​The toughest critics of course have been my family.  With my very own cookie monsters, banana bread bandits and merenguito mongers I knew once my recipes passed this panel, others would love them too.
In the fall of 2014 I participated in local holiday bazaars and trunk shows sharing my homemade baked goods.  What first caught everyones eye was my packaging.  They would walk up to my table and say, "oh everything looks so pretty" and I would reply "and they taste good too" hand them a sample and watch a smile take over their face.  I knew they were enjoying it but I think I enjoyed their reaction even more.  Smiles around me all the time!  That's when I knew I had to give this a try.  By the time the holidays rolled around I was baking for friends, family, and professionals in my community.  

I started SusiLicious BakeShop with a handful of “family approved” recipes, 

all natural ingredients and a whole lot of love.

Just wait 'til you taste 'em...they're SUSILICIOUS!

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